Working with trained instructors...

1. One on one music lessons.

2. Group lessons.

3. Vocal lessons.

4. Q and A sessions with kids and industry leaders.

5. Instruments (percussion and string instruments (guitars,

bass, acoustic, electric, drums).


Programs & Events. . .  

1. Modeling (contracts, contacts, acting classes, job performance) 

2. Agents (choosing an agent, the right pictures and posing.

3. Showcases (live performance,   setting the stage if even when you're not performing.

4. Grooming: Keeping your body in shape, proper care for hands, feet, skin, hair, teeth,  

5. Understanding the business (dressing for the proper occasion) . . .




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Meet and Greet. . . 

1. Studio production (using the microphone, mixing, cutting and pasting,  speakers and levels, back up tracks, BG (backup vocals).

2. Constructive criticism, patience.

3. Instruments (we are putting instruments in the hands of those who can't afford one) . . .

                                                                              LEGAL ADVICE:

Who's Who Workshops. . . 

1. Attorney (legal advice, getting the right attorney for the job).

2. Contracts (reading and understanding contracts).

3. PROs, BMI, SEASAC, ASCAP, SAG, AFFRA, etc. (Registration (publishers, publishing and royalties).

4. Copyrights (protecting your work, songs, ideas).

5. Representation (manager, Producer, agent).

6. Getting paid (Royalties).

7.  Understanding copyright laws as well as how to protect your works when performing original compositions, and more. . .